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July 23 2010


July 21 2010

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Great song, melancholy, hoovering, dreamy.
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Nov 18

Brad Mehldau

20:00–23:59 Philharmonie (Bischofsgartenstraße 1, Cologne) Add this event to a calendar application

July 06 2010

Piano improvisations - descriptions Category: Music

I'd just like to add some descriptions my piano improvisations here on the MySpace blog, since there's no description field for the individual songs.

--- Orienco
The first try at stereo recording my dear Grotrian-Steinweg piano, this impovisation bears clear marks from a recent two-week Turkey vacation :-)

I think especially the initial theme could be used for a composed tune, or as material for a group impro, inviting darbouka, fretless bass maybe DJ/electronics?

Some influences say hello - you agree?
Chick Corea, Keith Jarret, Aziza Mustafa Zadeh…

Tech stuff: Recorded w. AKG C1000 S and C3000, top mounted, ca. 20 cm apart. Don’t kill me for this dear sound techies - it was the only mike and stand choice available! Light compression and reverb added. Suggestions welcome!

--- Work Stux
Too bad recording level was too high, and laptop hard disk full causing sudden ending...

This is an at times very Keith Jarret-inspired improvisation with changing pace, spacy with an ongoing tensity, not finding a lasting point to rest. Just before the sudden death an groove starts to develop with broken-up rhytm - who knows where it went...

--- Hello There Keys
Recorded after some absence . hence the name. Thoughtful, featuring the recently incleasing exploring of harmonies.

Recording with less direct, a bit remote sound - will keep on experimenting!

June 24 2010

June 15 2010


June 12 2010

May 03 2010

FreeKey - Hello There Keys
FreeKey - Work Stux
FreeKey - Orienco

April 30 2010

Aug 28

Bass meets Space

22:00–23:59 Gebläsehalle (, Duisburg) Add this event to a calendar application
Cultural critics have claimed that western pop music has lost its powers of self-renewal and is now reliant on recycling familiar elements from the glory days of long ago. Anyone who encounters contemporary club music will rapidly be convinced that the opposite is true. Particularly in London, a city whose musical activity has traditionally been enriched by migrant subcultures, a whole series of new forms of expression have developed and combined in quick succession over last five years. For some time now they have been referred to collectively as ‘dubstep’. Although stylistically it is extremely heterogeneous and is engaged in a gritty transformative process, this new style is characterized by minimalist compositional structures, syncopated rhythms and low frequency bass lines. Thus it shares an affinity with more established forms of electronic club music such as dub or drum ‘n’ bass.

In collaboration with the music magazine SPEX the Ruhrtriennale presents a club night with some of the leading figures of the dubstep scene. Performances by Applebim, Ramadanman, Scuba and Shackleton make Bass Meets Space a night with a top-quality line-up of boundary-breaking music in a form that can usually only be found in London’s hottest venues.

“My main inspirations,” says Shackleton, “are Erkan Ogur, an incredible saz maestro from Turkey, Ziad Rahbani, a Lebanese accordionist and band leader, and West African percussion. You’ll always be able to hear these sounds in what I play.”

April 28 2010

Patchwork - Summer in the City
Patchwork - Have You Met Miss Jones
Patchwork - Zwischenstück Rauhes Klavier-Beat
Patchwork - Summertime 2, Crazy Horse intro
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